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Having put an end to my long basketball career in 1995, I began to represent the sportsmen, willing to keep my bonds with basketball. Taking into consideration the experience I gained as a basketball player and the fact that I know very well what sort of problems a sportsman may confront with, I believe that I can meet the demands of this job most properly.

Our duty is to represent the sportsmen; to see that their careers go on efficiently and without problems, and to defend their rights. Only time will show how succesfull we will be in this job, and only our sportsmen will be able to tell.

Elmira Draskicevic

Our Services

ISM agency offers you, besides helping in finding sports job opportunities, a possibility of orginizing private basketball training sessions with top class coaches who will help you, with all their knowledge, to raise your basketball qualities very fast and very effectively.

ISM will also allow you to work with improved conditional trainers to imrove your general strength and condition.

In case of any sports injury, ISM offers a possibility of diagnosis and treatment with proffesional attention supervised by improved sports doctors.

ISM helps you in organizing sports camps, tournaments and other sports manifestations, including hotel and other touristic services possibilities.

Besides the help on the sports part, ISM offers help with financial transactions and other banking services.

ISM gives you an opportunity of designing your private WEB page by different and good conditions considering specific registration.

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