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Interview with Dragana Gobeljic

ISM: How did you start to play basketball?

Dragana: I started to play basketball when I was 11 years old. The reason was because a lot of my friends from the neigbourhood were playing, so I wanted to try.

ISM: Which motives did you have when you started to play basketball?

Dragana: My motives were to compete, to win and to achieve good results in spots career.

ISM: Is there any wish that became true until now?

Dragana: Yes, of course. My first wish was that I alone with my honest work provide a place in the clubs where I have played and in the national team also. On the other side, my wish realized when I played for the youth national teams and reached senion team.

ISM: You played for the national team when you were in Serbia. Now, when you've had good seasons abroad, you are not on the wider list. What is the reason?

Dragana: I think that the reason isn't because I went abroad, the reason was change of the coach on the head of representation. While I was playing abroad, I acquired bigger experience and matured as a basketball player. I repeat that the main reason I am not in national team is because the main coach has his selection of the players and I respect that decision.

ISM: Since you have family, how do you manage to coordinate all your commitments?

Dragana: I have big support from my parents and my husband. They help me with all my commitments ang all together we are successful to do it.

ISM: Which sort of food do you like to eat?

Dragana: Considering I play profesional basketball I take care what I eat, but in general I like to eat everything.

ISM: Do you follow the fashion and do you have favourite fashion designer?

Dragana: I try to follow the fashion, but mostly I like to wear sports wear. I don't have a favourite designer.

ISM: Favourite parfume?

Dragana: Versace - bright crystal

ISM: Music-singer/songstress?

Dragana: My favourite music is pop music.

ISM: Movie-actor/actress?

Dragana: Millionaire is my favoure movie. Actor - Johnny Depp, actress - Sandra Bullock

ISM: Your message for young basketball players?

Dragana: My message for young basketball players is to as many children and youth come into this sport, because of the proper growth, competitive spirit and quality characteristics of every young person. Come to play basketball!

ISM: Dragana, thanks for your time and we wish you good health and big success in the rest of your career.

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